An ethos of excellence

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An ethos of excellence

Posted: 6 years ago in About Us

The secret to success is process.

Corporate bible.

Every business has a distinct approach which is powered by vision and achieved by the people and processes involved. At HPE, we’ve adapted EOS strategies which have been key influencers to the way we do business within our business. The Entrepreneurial Operating System is a proven method to make your efforts worthwhile. Granted, you’re never perfect and neither is your business. But, understanding your employees, culture, designated responsibilities and overall process gives credibility and value to every business interaction.

Conflict is ok.

We didn’t invent that thought. In fact, it seemed ludicrous at first, but it’s the simple truth. Most companies look at conflict as a consistent negative, but avoiding real opinions and corporate rough ups tend to hide problems, not fix them. With the proper tools and a holistic approach to business, all differences can have a promising solution.

Mathematics of traction.

Gino Wickman, author of best selling book ‘Traction’ has become a guru at HPE offices. His works focus on the leadership aspects of working on a business; as well as on the management aspect of working in a business. Leadership + management = accountability and traction is the result of making a vision work in a collaborative effort of leader, manager and employee collaboration.

Some business owners are afraid of process. In reality, it’s simple if you are willing to practice and be authentic. Being a boss is about being yourself, only better, and it may take practice in the form of repetition to become a pro. Remember, you’re the boss, not the buddy. But be a positive figure in the workplace.

The bigger picture.

EOS works via curing the ‘whole body’ approach by strengthening six key components of your business: vision, people, data, issues, process and traction. Many businesses don’t make it past their vision and you don’t want to be a part of that statistic. There’s the 24 hour rule which mentions direct feedback within a specific timeframe for best results. There’s also the conviction of ‘criticize in private; praise in public’, with lots of emphasis on reward and recognition. A great work environment makes for increased productivity and good corporate vibes.

Rock climbing.

In a very literal sense, Gino refers to the short term, namely 90 day, priorities as ‘rocks’. Getting short term goals on the radar and off the checklist makes for likely improvement and fulfillment of duties as opposed to a scattered mission that runs on an unattainable vision.

The future of culture.

Number 2 on the list of key corporate components is people. That’s because right after the vision comes the manpower which gets you there. Never lose sight of the key contributors to your company: your employees. Horsepower has harnessed the power of the Millennial generation, with company culture reaching epic performance. We look up to the leading brands as internal culture promoters.

Companies who get it.

Take, for example, Power Designs. With projects facilitated in Austin, Naples and Santa Ana, the company arm is far reaching. Yet, they put great emphasis on their tournament within the HR space. In fact, Power Design boasts an in house ping pong tournament and hires athletes which are professional, communicate well and have a positive attitude. ‘We hire for what you can’t teach and are willing to invest in what you can’ says vice president Marlene Velez. Back in NYC, the Horsepower HR department echoes this sentiment, albeit without a penchant for ping pong. We invest in training and respect our team players. We firmly believe that a great work performance starts with a great work ethic and our team has achieved record highs because of that.

HPE is focused on internal culture as much as we focus on customer care. Our employees sense the difference and contribute to our mission. Some with innate talent, others via training seminars and all via unified vision and direct responsibility. With 300+ employees, we like to think of ourselves as family in terms of benefits, value and recognition. Want to work here? Hey, you never know.


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