Military grade precision on the job site

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Military grade precision on the job site

Posted: 6 years ago in Service Division

How we source technology from the trenches


Hot off the radar.

‘Life’s missions don’t get do overs.’ That’s a word for word reiteration of our system provider’s lingo in terms of proper tech implementation for complex worldwide combat divisions. The technology we use utilizes the power of thermal imaging conjured via infrared heat. In the military it may mean target visibility, while in the electrical troubleshooting space it means system malfunction and correction.

Processing and fine tuning the problems lead to more accurate solutions for our engineering team. Back to the front lines, these systems are used for long range airborne ISR devices to find their place among thermal weapon sights and danger zones. They are the reliable source of weapons grade detection technology and at HPE we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Deep seated mission.

The buildings we engineer are complex edifices and to the naked eye seem to be the collaboration of design, brick and mortar. But way beyond the swanky lighting and cost effective placement, the technology we use offers reliability on an entirely new level.

In fact, in layman’s terms, hot spots may refer to congregated wifi zones, but to us it means survival of the fittest. With our thermal imaging devices, HPE agents get to recognize live subjects; malfunctions of wiring and danger on the horizon. Our sensors are smarter on a global level and they’re the very same sensors which law enforcement officials use to track and apprehend subjects on a crime scene. Just like the bad guys can’t seem to hide their heat, faulty wires are detected in micro oriented accuracy via their very distinct heat emissions.

Physics on our side.

“Something always gets hot before it breaks down.” It’s the simple truth dictated by the laws of physics. Monitoring heat emissions allows a world of applications for the use of infrared cameras. Think our process is reliable? HPE is proud to use the very same system features as the US Federal government’s border security. With safety and attention to detail on our minds, we rely on heat detection, among other resources, for pinpointed site data at every HPE service location.

Troubleshoot in combat.

You already know that military grade equipment is perhaps the most reliable and state of the art. We knew that from the get go and were determined to go there and have a closer look. We researched the technology and got close to the combat zones, way close. The fine tuning precision had us convinced that our customers were getting the best end of the deal in terms of tech and manpower. That soldier in camouflage is in control via the same set of gadgetry as a HPE hard hat on the job site. Now that’s progress.

Electricity is a constant in our lives. But so is sweat and heat, global warming permitting. Harnessing the powers of natural heat formation, we are proud with how much we can perfect in an industry worth perfecting.