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Energy peak and dip

Posted: 7 years ago in Fit Out Division

Energy conscious.

Granted. We are in the business of consuming energy. But we do have a say as to being energy conscious on many levels of design and implementation. More consumers are asking about solar panels and natural alternatives to costly utility bills. We’ve taken a look at some of the world’s iconic, beautiful and luxurious dwellings and here are our findings.

More sunlight.

Glass buildings seem ultra luxe, but there’s more to the design than just appeal. Since HPE likes to be a part of all trending movements, we are taking solar interests seriously. One way in which leading architectural design firms are revolutionizing the energy costs affiliated with corporate space is more natural light. Working with the location based specs and angles for an edge in harnessed lighting power is an art and the average jane is spending more time figuring out how. It’s all about going back to the origins, from the days of working from sunrise to sunset. But, there can be a middle way.

Dual purpose.

Some intellectual properties within properties include smart integration of solar devices which do more than just let light in. Some actually go as far as to store energy for multiple uses and further the power via use of turbines for naturally sufficient power.

Reuse and recycle.

Using landscaping as a source of power and filtration is a purist idea for reusable sourcing on both residential and commercial space.

Passives at work.

A passive house is an energy efficient structure which is created with the intention of reducing its ecological footprint. Seems third world? Not so much. You see, today’s builders are understanding the value of solar power among other implementations notorious for reducing energy costs. This has become a growing standard for office buildings, schools, kindergartens and most recent, luxury complexes.

Passive houses no longer mean soulless misshaped buildings. In New Canaan, Connecticut, a sprawling residence measuring 4,000 sq ft, with two terraces and a three car garage is a high end passive house that’s as cost effective as it is landmark worthy. Like all passive homes, it’s created using a rigid level of airtight construction in an enveloped design that promotes less external temp and air inhibitors. This home allows the entire residence to run on the very same amount of power it takes to operate two handheld hair dryers.

Arch of fame.

Back in Belgium, Photovoltech’s ‘Energy Arch’ is an iconic building which has its shape directly impacting its whopping production of 50,000 KWh per year. That’s a whole lot of curvy on an entirely new level of performance. It’s truly a power structure and we love to learn ways in which innovation makes way for better environments and more profit.

But, landmarks aside, there are ways which relatable solar inclusions may make a huge difference to your property. HPE is more than just your electrical engineer. We are advocates of change, improvement and reliability.

Illuminating more than just skyscrapers. We illuminate the way for smarter integration.