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Reactive is good. Proactive is better.

From residential buildings to commercial settings, clients know that when the power system goes down, Horsepower is just a phone call away. But we are about more than just fixing electrical problems. Our strong focus on preventative maintenance… prevents the problem from ever happening.


    When your system goes down, we’ll get you back up. A truck from our fleet will be deployed to your location, fully stocked and ready to go. By day, by night - you can always count on Horsepower.


    We don't arrive and simply band-aid the problem. Using the very best equipment, our skilled team is equipped to troubleshoot, identify and repair your electrical issues.


    No matter how well designed, no system maintains itself. We specialize in making repairs before problems become a crisis, and schedule regular maintenance checkups to keep your system healthy.


    If you're continuously calling us for electrical maintenance, don't you deserve a break? We think so. Our competitively-priced, client-friendly rates help your bottom line.


    At midnight on New Year’s Eve or a frigid winter Sunday morning, we're available to tackle any emergency issue that arises. You need the power on and we know how to make that happen.


    Our highly qualified uniformed crews maintain the highest levels of professionalism at all times, by keeping your personal space neat and clean, during and after. You care... and so do we.

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Meet the Team



Meet the Team

  • My Favorite Quote:

    “What screws us up the most in life is the picture in our head of what we think it’s supposed to be”

  • My Hobbies:

    Dancing, Working Out, Shopping

  • My Story:

    I started out as a small business owner in Brazil. After a few years, I needed more. I desired more. I wanted something different. Both my mother and brother were taking vocational courses at a Technical School in New York, so I returned to America and trained as an electrician. After interviewing at a few places, I joined Horsepower because I felt they would offer me something bigger than just a job; I saw they would provide me with a lifelong career.

    As a woman in the field, I am treated by my teammates with respect and admiration. Within a year of joining horsepower, I am already working my way up the chain of command and am currently a leader in the service division, tasked with the daily responsibility of running my own electrical crew. To me, Horsepower is special because the company really cares about us and always goes the extra mile to create opportunities for growth. Most places view people as employees. At Horsepower, they view us as family. Family is what brought me here…and family is what keeps me here.


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